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Fire Trucks 4 Hire directly and privately owns -- never brokers -- fire vehicles for production projects. All of our vehicles are service-ready and fully outfitted with the equipment, tools and features that you'll want in order to complete a realistic shoot.

We know your time is precious, so we won't waste it with confusing pricing: to keep it simple, our fee includes the vehicle, the driver(s) for the vehicle, and all gear on-board... no separate crew or prop costs to consider. And yes, we often can offer price breaks for mulitple days and multiple trucks on the same job.

Call us anytime to discuss your next project and needs, or email us at to arrange for all your fire vehicle, prop and suppression needs, including:

  • Fire engines ranging from a 1966 Crown to the modern 1993 Pierce Dashengines
  • Firefighter wearables (helmets, turnout jackets and pants, boots, SCBA air packs, PASS alarms)
  • Firefighter tools (axes, wrenches, pry bars, hand tools and flashlights, etc.)
  • Functional extraction tools (commonly known as the 'Jaws of Life')
  • Water flow equipment (nozzles, hoses, monitors, hydrant fittings)
  • Personnel to safely drive and operate the equipment and trucks

We've been working with the industry since 2007, with several trucks appearing in various film, TV and print projects.

Engine 2312, 1966 Crown Firecoach fire engine Engine 2, American LaFrance Century pumper engine
Engine 92, Hi-Tech fire engine Engine 5, 1983 Pierce Dash fire engine
Engine 3, 1988 Emergency One Cyclone Engine 14, 1989 Pierce Dash fire engine
Engine 6222, Pierce Arrow fire engine Engine 8, 1993 Pierce Dash